Signature Projects


Bethlehem Center - Fort Worth, TX

Working together creates the highest level of results and provides the best outcomes for everyone. The City of Fort Worth, TX and the Bethlehem Center, a community center serving individuals and families throughout the area, partnered to develop a play environment to enrich the lives of children in their education and summer enrichment programs. The mission at Bethlehem Center is the healthy development of the whole child - academically, physically, socially and emotionally and a well-designed playspace contributes to this mission by engaging children in development and fun.

Musical exploration, imaginative play, climbing, sliding and more contribute the development of the whole child from cognitive to emotional and social to physical. Kids will gain strength, resiliency, balance, coordination and cooperation through play and these skills will transcend the playground into daily life and adulthood. That’s the power of play.

Parker's Park - West, TX

Sometimes tragedy brings out the best in people and communities. This was the case in West, TX, where six year old Parker Pustejovsky helped rally a community to rebuild a park close to his heart. After losing his father and other First Responders in a 2013 fertilizer plant explosion, Parker wanted to rebuild the park his dad used to take him to. That’s when the Parker’s Park Project started, and since then, organizers have raised money and people from around the country have rallied to help. Parker’s Park thematically recreates a fire station and truck with everything from Custom Panels to First Responder Rock ‘N’ Rides and a large fire hat that tops off the space. The details made the difference in creating this space that kids ages 2-12 can play in while gaining important skills such as cooperative play, communication and social play.


First United Methodist - Richardson, TX

The goal of the playground project was to create a space for children ages 2-12 that could be used for a variety of purposes, including learning outside of the traditional classroom, physical development and socialization. Using equipment like the Sound Garden for musical, tactile and auditory development, climbing events to keep kids moving and enhance cognitive planning, strategic thinking and strength building, and slides for balance, coordination and just plain fun, the team at la terra studio was able to take learning and development outside and make it available to everyone! Ground –level play events offer inclusiveness for children with mobility limitations and the turf used as surfacing allows all children to be at the heart of the action! The surface itself has become a play element as many children laydown or roll around on the soft even surface. Children learn best while they play and la terra studio and the members at the church considered the importance of well-designed and developed spaces for kids to grow, move and create experiences that transcend out of the playground.


Shadow Ridge Park - Flower Mound, TX