Dynamo Playground Equipment

Old Fashioned Playground Equipment Made Safer

Why have a playground that's not fun? Activities like the merry go round have been removed or toned down from years ago. Dynamo has come to the forefront to reintroduce the activities we enjoyed as children, while ensuring a safe but challenging play experience. The merry-go-round has found its rebirth in the Apollo, Allegro and Astro lines; However, unlike the merry-go-round of the past, these revolutionary products include Dynamo™ DX Technology that limit their rotational speed, and utilizes Dynamo™'s industry leading rope technology.

How about a swing you can share with 3 of your friends? The world famous Biggo swing provides the fun of swinging for up to 4 children per seat, while maintaining safety standards by ensuring it has a predictable motion and utilizes a protective rubber bumper.

Dynamo is passionately focused on providing a unique play experience that can only be found with Dynamo playground equipment.

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Dynamo Playground Equipment

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