New Playground Equipment Planning

How To Plan For New Playground Equipment

  • Plan to purchase a resilient material for under your system.

    Consult the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission Handbook for Public Playground Safety to determine which will work best under your play system.
  • Include a variety of play events.

    A variety of
    physical, social and cognitive events will keep kids interested longer and help them develop a full range of skills. Careful selection of components enables your play system to serve a range of ages and abilities simultaneously.
  • Plan for an adequate number of events.

    Each play system pictured in the catalog lists a corresponding "kid capacity" to help you in the planning process. We can suggest the optimum number of play events for your size group.
  • Plan for future development.

    Are you planning to develop your play area over several years? Modular play systems are easy to expand. We can help you plan a playground design that expands over time. Will your park serve primarily young homeowners with small children? Consider buying a Little Buddies system today, and make plans to build a Series 2000 or 3000 system a few years down the road.

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